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Leverage Email and On-Site Content Together

80% of retail professionals say that email marketing is the best way to drive customer retention. At the same time, only 30% of retail email list subscribers have actually made a purchase from the retailer who’s emailing them.

Leveraging personalized emails and on-site targeted digital shopping experiences in tandem will maximize engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty. When you create relevant, valuable content on your retail website — like a how-to guide, shoppable trend page, or exclusive merchandise preview — and send the right subscribers to those experiences, you will connect more deeply with shoppers and drive revenue.

Watch the Webinar Replay

Watch the webinar, From Inbox to Inspiration: Leveraging Email and On-Site Content in Ecommerce, to discover:

  • Best practices for retail email marketing, including welcome and cart recovery campaigns
  • Tips for creating mobile-first, interactive landing page experiences
  • How to pair the right emails with the right rich content types