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Rich Content By A Small Ecommerce Team

When Foster Grant made the move to direct-to-consumer, they knew they had to deliver an elevated online shopping experience. But with a small ecommerce team, and a convoluted, code-heavy production process, they found their creativity and agility limited.

They knew they needed to find tools that would allow them to rapidly react to sales and trends with eye-popping rich content. Enter Creator by Zmags.

Download the case study to learn how Foster Grant's ecommerce team leveraged the Creator platform to create beautiful digital experiences that inspire. Using Creator, they have the power to design, edit, and publish all their content without ever involving IT or development. 

"Everything I do boils down to, 'does it save us money,' and 'does it save us time?' And Creator has both of those triple-checked." -Corey Cantrell, Senior Ecommerce Manager