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Stats That Show Why Time Is the New Currency for CMOs

Recently we were invited to write an article for Customer Think outlining the importance and high value of time as it relates to Chief Marketing Officers and their initiatives. According to recent studies 55% of web page views get less than 15 seconds of attention. The same applies to marketers trying to reach consumers, they have limited…

Rapid marketing stats

Rapid Marketing Stats You Need to Know

I recently wrote an article for MarketingProfs and showcased a number of interesting statistics on what it takes to capture people’s attention. Time is a precious resource, and because of content-led marketing strategies that have led to content proliferation, the competition for consumer attention has massively escalated. Yet marketers need to reach those consumers with attention-grabbing digital…

The multi-device ecommerce experience

The Disjointed Ecommerce Experience, Unified

As the consumer’s path to purchase continues to evolve, brands must develop new strategies to speak to their customers at every touchpoint. Today’s consumer is fickle—difficult to track, and even more difficult to predict. What is certain is that today’s consumer is inherently digital-focused, with 55% of consumers across the globe preferring to make their purchases online—a…

Multi screen path to purchase

The Multi-Screen Path to Purchase

Remember the good old days where you could actually anticipate a customer’s buying cycle? See an ad or two, visit the store, make the purchase. Simple, straight-forward, brilliant. A marketer’s dream! Long gone are the days of predictability, as consumers are now consuming more content on more devices across more channels—with 70% using more than two devices…

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