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content and commerce work together

When Content and Commerce Work Together

With more than 50 percent of in-store sales being influenced by digital channels in 2015 alone, it is a crucial time for retailers to provide their customers with the most intuitive digital experience possible across all channels. In a recent Demandware and L2 webinar, industry experts highlight four investments that successful retail brands must prioritize as they…

Shop the look guided selling

Why I Keep Thinking About “Shop the Look”

I may go shopping because I need pants. But while I may go into a store with a mission to find pants, I often leave with an entire outfit. There is a science behind why this happens, and it’s the mark of a great merchandising team. If I shop online, however, it’s uncommon that I check out…

guided selling tool tips

Guided Selling Tools: Top 5 Tips

Today’s digital customers don’t have a lot of time to waste. They want to visit, quickly browse, and easily purchase the products most relevant to them. For this reason, leading online retailers like Marks & Spencer and Neiman Marcus are placing customer experience as priority #1. Guided selling tools are one approach Marks & Spencer uses to provide…

Introducing Zmags Creator Marketing Platform

Introducing the Creator Content Marketing Platform

We have had a lot of momentum at Zmags recently, crossing the 1,500 customer threshold and launching a number of new product and marketing advancements, including the launch of a new logo and website. Today we add to these successes with the announcement of the full commercial launch of the Creator content marketing platform.   Creator gives…

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