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Top rapid marketing tips

Marketing in the Moment – How to Put Time on Your Side

With 50 percent of websites only achieving 15 seconds of attention, consumers are living in the moment, craving instant digital gratification and only rewarding the most rich and attention-grabbing sites with their time. They are both overloaded with mediocre online experiences and time poor. The same goes for marketers who are trying to tap into those consumer…

Page impression and ecommerce success

Do Impressions Measure Digital Success?

The popular web magazine CMS Wire hosts a number of Discussion Point panel discussions with business leaders on topics that are important to the technology industry. We were fortunate to be asked to join in one recently on a topic that is near and dear to our heart: attention. We have been talking a lot about attention…

Multi screen path to purchase

The Multi-Screen Path to Purchase

Remember the good old days where you could actually anticipate a customer’s buying cycle? See an ad or two, visit the store, make the purchase. Simple, straight-forward, brilliant. A marketer’s dream! Long gone are the days of predictability, as consumers are now consuming more content on more devices across more channels—with 70% using more than two devices…

Content marketing tips

The Role of the Screen in Content Marketing

You’ve heard the old adage before—there are those who lead, and those who follow. And, as you know, consumers remember the leaders. Nowhere is this more evident than the exploding realm of content marketing. While the term “content marketing” has been around for over a decade, the intense attention around the practice of content marketing didn’t start…

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