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AR and VR revolution

It’s A Revolution: An AR and VR Revolution

Augmented reality and virtual reality are revolutionizing the way customers shop throughout the buyers’ journey. And in 2019, AR and VR will be used commercially with the new Oculus headset, Oculus Quest. The Quest headset is predicted to sell three times more than its predecessor, Oculus Rift, and will offer a mainstream device for users to operate…

Content That Converts

Boost Revenue With Content That Converts

Content That Converts Today’s consumer wants to be wowed at every stage of the online shopping experience, which means delivering rich interactivity; in fact, it’s been estimated that interactive content generates 2X the revenue than “flat” content. Is your content strategy able to keep up? In this ebook, we break down five tips for any brand looking…

Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends of 2019

First and foremost, happy New Year! And with the New Year comes new content marketing trends. There’s nothing like a new year resolution that can boost your marketing strategy.  There are new tools and new strategies that are going to make 2019 a game-changing year. Still don’t believe in content marketing? This time last year, it was estimated that…

Top 10 Blogs of 2018

Looking Back: Top 10 Blogs of 2018

Here at Zmags, we had a great year. We wanted to take time to look back at 2018. So, we rounded up Zmags’ top 10 blogs of 2018! Get Inspired: Our Favorite Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2017 The holiday shopping season kicks off long before Black Friday and Cyber Monday – to stay ahead of the game…

customer experience

3 Unique Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Any kind of retail shopping can be stressful. You see a pair of shoes you like that are precisely priced at $87.85 so you, the shopper, consider buying the new shoes in two different colors. Five minutes into your internal debate, the brand’s website sends a pop-up page saying if you act in five minutes you get…

Hashtag basics header

#101 –The Basics Of The Hashtag

Let’s get down to the #basics. Remember when you tweeted about how Drake’s new album was #fire or how you #wipedout on the kitchen floor trying to get late night Oreos? We probably have all used a hashtag at one point or another, but does anyone know the actual definition of one?   Let’s take it back…

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