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NYFW Social Media Statistics

New York Fashion Week came and went but the social tags and topics are forever. If you are a retailer you know how important it is to use fashion industry events for your campaigns. More so, social media marketing can increase your impressions and reach. We rounded up the top New York Fashion Week NYFW social media hashtags and topics, so you can stay on top of next year’s event.


According to Commpro.com the top hashtags included:

  1. #NYFW – 37,113 mentions
    2. #fashionweek – 25,034
    3. #newyorkfashionweek – 24,723
    4. #fashion – 20.220
    5. #BLACKPINK – 19,211


The trending celebrity mentions were:

  1. Nicki Minaj – 66,917 mentions
    2. Michael Kors – 7,412
    3. Ralph Lauren – 6,233
    4. Tom Ford – 4,934
    5. Kendall Jenner – 2,925


The most unexpected trending topic was Walt Disney Company thanks to a group of models wearing Disney-inspired outfits.