Girlboss: Top Women Slaying Retail Ecommerce


Maybe it’s because I’ve been streaming Beyoncé’s Lemonade all weekend but it’s time to give it up for some Girlbosses killing the ecommerce world. The apparel ecommerce market has become a $54 billion vertical with new brands creating new platforms and ways to shop online. It’s not the standard way of buying and selling that is making these women take off in the digital world – it’s their ingenious marketing strategies, innovative creative experiences, and dynamic business savvy.


Sophia Amoruso – Nasty Gal and Girlboss

Sophia Amoruso

As the O.G girlboss, Amoruso has grown a small eBay store into a $250 million enterprise. From growing the popular fashion website to publishing three books and a Netflix series, this entrepreneur has done it all.  Amoruso has now shifted her attention to growing her media company, Girlboss. This company hosts a website, podcast, and two annual conferences. But it doesn’t stop there – Amoruso started the Girlboss Foundation to support women-owned businesses.


Rachel Drori – Daily Harvest

Rachel Drori

Who doesn’t love guilt-free treats delivered right to your door? As I personally just ordered a batch of superfood eats, Drori has expanded her company to include soups, breakfast bowls, lattes, and sundaes that were created by a nutritionist to reduce the guilt and increase healthy satisfaction. This mom and entrepreneur has raised over $43 million in funding from her ready-to-go frozen smoothies company.


Kristen La Greca – Rosa Gold

Kristen La Greca

This ecommerce founder and creative producer started Rosa Gold, an online brand known for their personalized scarfs which give back to educational charities promoting women’s education. La Greca is the sole creator of Rosa Gold, allowing her to become a bonified ecommerce practitioner.


Alice Kittrell – Outgift

Alice Kittrell

If you’re not obsessed with the winter holidays, something might be off about you. Kittrell is a self-proclaimed Christmas fan who created a platform to help those find the perfect gift this holiday season. Customers can search for gifts by restricting the age, occasion, gender, and relationship to help you take the stress out of holiday shopping.


Lauren Santo Domingo – Moda Operandi

Lauren Santo Domingo

Apart from being heir to Colombia’s richest beer family, Santo Domingo runs an online luxury fashion brand carrying brands like Valentino, YSL, and Balenciaga. So why haven’t you heard the name sooner? Santo Domingo is powered by the tech-savvy. She and her company made their own vertical, couture fashion online, to dominate and grow.


Anastasia Wegbreit – Build RX

Like with many great ideas, Wegbreit’s brand was conceived during a bartending shift. A customer remarked on how Wegbreit should learn how to build a Facebook app and ten years later, Build RX was born. The brand offers a full menu of ecommerce services including strategy, design, development, and integration. Weigbreit has worked with several large brands including Harrods and Swarovski.


Natalie Massenet – Net-a-Porter & Imaginary Ventures

It takes an amazing person to find a way to incorporate fashion, runways, service logistics, and hackathons. Former CEO of Net-a-Porter, Massenet has rejoined the ecommerce world to launch a new venture capitalist firm, Imaginary Ventures. The company combines fashion brands, platforms, and retail solutions. The firm has invested in several well-known brands including Good America, Dirt Lemon, and Reformation.