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The State of Digital Marketing Webinar

Did you catch our last webinar with Paul S. Carroll from New York & Company? If not, you can download it herebut be sure you don’t miss the next webinar we have planned:

Webinar: The State of Digital Marketing: 2015 Survey Results
When: Tue, Jul 28, 2015 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM PDT
Watch the replay:

The team at Zmags recently conducted a survey of our customer and prospect list of today’s top marketers from brands like Kate Spade, Whole Foods, Porsche and more. Our goal was to better understand the priorities and challenges for these leaders as they set the course for engaging their customers in the year ahead. Now we invite you to be the first to hear the results of this exclusive survey of nearly 200 of today’s top marketers.

Join us as we reveal what they rank as:

  • The most critical success factors in creating digital experiences
  • The biggest digital marketing challenges they face today
  • The most important technologies for driving engagement
  • The best ways to accelerate time to market for new campaigns

Also, discover the strategies today’s top marketers are using to create campaigns that make an impact and drive revenues. Learn how some of today’s biggest brands are addressing their marketing challenges through real case studies from New York & Company, Brahmin, Boathouse Stores, and more.

I hope many of you will join us for this unique event. View the webinar here.

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