Send Me Your Location: Top August Events for Fashion Instagrams



Fashion brands are always trying to boost their company presence and, more specifically, increase their demand for products. Instagram is an easily accessible tool for brands to advertise retail merchandise for free. Rather than setting up a photo shoot, hiring models and photographers, and costing thousands of dollars, attending these August events and “candidly” wearing articles of clothing s is a great alternative. Attending anything from film festivals to concerts are great ways to increase PR, personality, and presence. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your photo or video shot. Here are the top August events for fashion Instagram and ZTips for post ideas.


Lollapalooza (3-6 August) Chicago, Illinois

With this music festival being one of the biggest in the US, take advantage of the opportunity. Lolla’s lineup is so powerful that brands can capitalize on celebrities to sponsor and represent your brand. Music Festivals are also great places to have Instagram influencers model your merchandise to concert-goers.



Melbourne International Film Festival (3-20 August) Melbourne, Australia

Heading down under is not only a great getaway but also home to a major international film festival. With critically acclaimed directors and actors, this festival is a great way to promote luxury brands at the movie premieres. Come see Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska while attending film MIFF Talks about various on-screen topics.


ZTip: Movie Cinemas are classic backdrops for photo-ops grab some popcorn from the vendors and start modeling.


Elvis Week (8-16 August) Memphis, Tennessee

What better way to commemorate the King than to have a full week paying tribute to Elvis Presley’s life? Surrounding his death on August 16, 1977, Memphis schedules city tours, charity banquets, converts, and 5K runs honoring the great.


ZTip: This is an excellent opportunity to go retro and vintage. Bring back some 50’s inspired fashion while bonding with music fans and the city of Memphis.



Summer Sonic (17-19 August) Japan

Summer Sonic offers an electrifying concert experience by blending J-pop idol and big namers like Chance the Rapper and Nickleback. It’s an experience like no other where you can uniquely market your brand.

Boardmasters Festival (8-12 August) Cornwall, Newquay

The ultimate festival for the endless summer. From surf competitions, musical guests, skate & BMX, food vendors, and a silent disco, Boardmasters has every summer essential. If Blue Crush and Coachella had a baby, this would be their love child.


ZTip: With all the vendors and sponsors present at Boardmaster try utilizing hashtags and tagging to partner with other various companies.



International Balloon Festival (9-12 August) Bristol


What more do I have to say? It’s a balloon festival filled with balloons. We don’t advise that you inhale the helium, but it’s a fun event to add different props for your social campaigns.



US Open (28 August – 10 September) New York, US

Who doesn’t love a good photo-op with one of the greats? Feder, Nadal, Williams, Sharapova: need I say more? The US Open is a great way for sport & street fashion brands to stretch their creativity when it comes to social content.


ZTip: Try tossing around the idea of Boomerang, video consisting of less than five seconds that plays on a loop. Incorporate tennis racket and ball into your shots for fun themed content.

La Tomatina (30 August) Valencia, Spain

Tomatina 2017 "Give me five" 3 de 15 #tomatina #tomatina2017 #latomatina

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This upcoming event is one of the most unique experiences. Who wouldn’t want to throw tomatoes at one another in the streets of Valencia? Not to mention, this summer marks the 15th anniversary of that catchy Las Ketchup song. It might be smart to memorize the lyrics in case you find yourself covered in tomatoes.


ZTip: Try live streaming La Tomatina on the app to extend the experience to your viewers who aren’t able to attend.



Wherever you decide to pose, keep fashion guru Tim Gun in mind and “make it work.”