AR and VR revolution

It’s A Revolution: An AR and VR Revolution

Augmented reality and virtual reality are revolutionizing the way customers shop throughout the buyers’ journey. And in 2019, AR and VR will be used commercially with the new Oculus headset, Oculus Quest. The Quest headset is predicted to sell three times more than its predecessor, Oculus Rift, and will offer a mainstream device for users to operate these incoming technologies. Are you ready for the AR and VR revolution?

It’s Getting Real In Retail

Research conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC) found that AR and VR will gross $20.4 billion this year. Retail will be one of the leading verticals to adopt this new technology. With the pressure to create creative experiences for shoppers, the retail industry is trying to find new ways to connect with their audience in unconventional ways.

The AR and VR revolution will create a “try before you buy” atmosphere allowing customers to have the experience of shopping in person without ever leaving their homes. Amir Rubin, the CEO of Sixense, predicts that:

“Retailers of all shapes and sizes will have new tools that can allow customers to experience products in more exciting, imaginative, customizable ways. From trying on virtual clothes, planning a camping weekend or designing the perfect layout of furniture in a room before purchasing, retailers looking to invest in these technologies will see an uptick in the variety of VR and AR solutions in 2019.”

AR and VR revolution
Anthropologie VR Technology

Follow Lead In the Revolution

Early adopters of the AR and VR revolution like Wayfair, IKEA, and Amazon are combining factors from online and brick-and-mortar retail to increase their brand value with a minimal learning curve for both employees and customers. Macy’s Virtual Reality offers customers a furniture experience where prospects can design their own living room using Macy’s wide range of cataloged products. Using a VR headset lets shoppers walk around these self-made spaces too!


With an AR and VR revolution, this technology could make customers feel more confident about making a purchase, which could go a long way toward growing sales again.